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2019 Annual Meeting

2019 Annual Meeting

Date & Time

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 10:00 AM


Livingston County EMS, 1911 Tooley Rd., Howell, Ml 48843.


Presentation Topics

The FIT Responder & Escaping Violent Encounters for EMS


Bryan Fass & Jason Brooks

2019 Annual Meeting Details

The annual meeting of the Michigan Association of Ambulance Services Self Insured Workers’ Compensation Fund will be held on Tuesday, April 30, 2019. It will be held at the Livingston County EMS, located at 1911 Tooley Rd., Howell, Ml 48843.

The meeting will begin at 10:00 AM with two presentations, provided by CompOne Administrators. Lunch will then be served, the results of the trustee election announced, and dividend checks distributed.


There is no cost for the luncheon, but we need to give the caterer a guarantee of how many people will be attending. Please contact us by email at landrick@mourer‐foster.com or call 517‐346‐5212, for details.

Safety Presentation Topics


The Fit Responder

The Fit Responder concept began as a targeted soft tissue injury prevention program geared toward public safety employees. We understood that traditional approaches to ergonomics, biomechanics, fitness, nutrition and overall employee wellness will not work in the public sector like they do in the corporate world.

The Fit Responder Injury free program provides us a new and focused approach on the little things you do not think about in EMS but as we learned they cause the majority of our workers compensation and liability claims. We gained a process to understand body mechanics and areas of ergonomic concern along with an easy to follow scientific approach to warming up prior to lifting or moving.


Escaping Violent Encounters for EMS

Injury through assault remains a widely recognized, but little acknowledged, problem threatening emergency service personnel. Many EMS personnel admit to being attacked by a violent patient, an angry bystander or upset family member. The frequency of assault on our EMS providers is alarming and while most attacks are not life threatening, the risk of serious injury is evident and unpredictable. Responders require a reasonable, liability‐conscious, effective means of preventing and avoiding assault, before it occurs, and defending themselves once attacked.

EVE4EMS covers the basic skills required by any responder or provider when facing possible or imminent assault or use of force.

Speaker Bios

Bryan Fass, ATC, LAT, CSCS, EMT‐P (ret.), has dedicated the past 10+ years to changing the culture of first responders from one of pain, injury, and disease to one of ergonomic excellence and first responder wellness. He has leveraged his 20‐year career in sports medicine, athletic training, spine rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, and as a paramedic to become the expert on pre‐hospital patient & equipment handling, fire‐EMS fitness and wellness. His company, Fit Responder, works nationally with departments to reduce injuries and improve fitness for first responders.

Bryan is frequently contacted for expert opinion and content contribution for all aspects of public safety fitness, ergonomics and wellness. Bryan authored the Fit Responder book used by departments and schools plus writes for numerous web and peer‐reviewed journals including the National Strength & Conditioning Associations Tactical Strength & Conditioning journal, officer.com, ems‐1.com, fire Engineering, EMS World & JEMS. Bryan holds a bachelors’ degree in sports medicine with over 17 years of clinical practice, was a paramedic for over 8 years, and is cer􀆟fied as an Athletic Trainer (ATC, LAT), Strength Coach (CSCS). Fit Responder developed the nation’s first validated pre‐hire Physical Abilities Test for EMS.

Bryan founded Fit Responder in 1998 to meet the risk, safety, fitness, wellness and training needs of departments nationally. Fit Responder is a trusted partner in the insurance industry working with risk pools, workers compensation funds, insurance brokers and third party administrators.

Jason Brooks, BAS, EMT‐P, I/C is the owner of DT4EMS, LLC and a recognized subject matter expert of violence in healthcare. As a veteran Paramedic and healthcare educator with 22 years of experience, Jason has
presented across the country in the reasonable use of force when escaping a violent encounter. Having been personally touched by violence perpetrated upon fellow EMS and Healthcare providers and my desire to do something about it has impassioned me to take on the enormous task of changing the culture in healthcare that being assaulted “is just part of the job.”

As I pondered how to go about changing the culture of “just part of the job” I began to carry out research on the topic of violence against healthcare providers. This
expanded into not only physical acts, but the legality of how people who were expected to act in dangerous situations could act in self‐defense.

From being just a friend and coworker wanting to help, I have become the expert on the subject matter. My goal is to help providers create a culture of safety. I hope to
teach them how to position themselves to avoid a dangerous situation. Educate everyone on the difference between a patient and an attacker, to understand the
legal implications of their actions, and have simple, easy to remember techniques, which anyone, regardless of size or training, can use to escape a violent encounter to go home safe to their friends and family at the end of the day.