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Free Binder Lifts

member Benefit: Free Binder Lifts

As you are aware, your MAAS Self Insured Workers’ Comp Fund is always looking for new and innovative ways to help keep your employees safe on the job. Our primary goal is to support you in the pursuit of a healthy and productive work force. Through the reduction in the frequency and severity of injuries, each member service shares in the dividends that come from safe operations. Thus far, your MAAS Fund has returned over $10 million back into the members’ hands.

What is a Binder Lift?

In the world of EMS, lifting patients is one of the top contributors to injury on the job. Over the last year, we have been actively looking for equipment that will assist in reducing this type of injury. Your Board of Trustees recently voted to purchase safety equipment for each Fund member that will assist in accomplishing that goal.  The product is called the Binder Lift. It can be viewed at www.binderlift.com. It has a multitude of applications, especially when the patient is in tight places, is overly obese, or is incapable of assisting in their extraction.

When will we receive the Binder Lifts?

Beginning on or about April 15, 2019, each Fund member will receive one (1) regular Binder Lift and two (2) bariatric Binder Lifts.  These will arrive at your headquarters via ground transport.

Again, there is no cost to you. This is another example of the value that your MAAS Fund provides to you to help keep your employees safe and a perfect illustration of what separates us from insurance companies, (Membership, Re-Investment and Dividends).


Training & Questions

Should you wish to have on-site training on the proper use and maintenance of the product, please contact Rick Binder at (855) 239-5438. He will be happy to coordinate a date and time that works for you.

For any other questions regarding this announcement, please contact Larry Andrick, Fund Administrator, at 517-346-5212, or email: [email protected]