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Additional Value as a MAAS Fund Member

member Benefits

The MAAS Fund is a member owned workers’ compensation program covering more than 3,500 of the finest skilled EMS professionals from more than 30 organizations. Below are some of the benefits that MAAS Fund members receive.

Competitive Rates

Workers’ compensation rates may change over time, but our budget conscious clients need to know they will not experience wild fluctuations in their overall insurance pricing from year to year. While the Fund has implemented modest rate increases over the years, we have also helped many of our clients reduce their overall frequency and severity of injuries, thereby reducing cost. Our goal is to consistently offer competitive rates to our fund participants, year in and year out.

Exceptional Claims Service

Worker’ Compensation Claims are managed by CompOne Administrators, the second largest TPA in the State of Michigan. Settlement authority rests with the MAAS Fund Board of Trustees. The decision making board is comprised of members, just like you!

Safety & Loss Prevention Services

Some business owners have learned the hard way about the true cost of on-the-job accidents. In addition to the lost time of valuable employees and the possibility of increased experience mods, the impact of managing each of the aspects associated with an on-the-job related incident can be quite burdensome. Successful business owners understand this and continuously strive to achieve a safe work environment.

Our loss control professionals are specialists in our industry and will assist you in establishing a comprehensive safety program tailored to your business. For more information or to schedule your loss control visit today, visit our safety services page!